Kaushik Bharati

Dr. Kaushik Bharati

obtained his PhD in Physiology with specialization in Vaccinology from the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and post-doctoral fellowship from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK, specializing in Immunology and Molecular Biology. He was formerly a Consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) and a Scientist at the National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi. He was also a Senior Program Officer at the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), NCR Delhi and a Visiting Professor in the Departments of Physiology and Microbiology at Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, India. Besides academics, he also has a rich consultancy experience, having worked for Global Health Strategies, New York, USA; Sanofi Pasteur, Lyon, France; Policy Cures, Sydney, Australia; the Science Advisory Board, Virginia, USA; and the Initiative against Diarrheal and Enteric diseases in Asia (IDEA), Lyon, France. His major research areas include Virology, Vaccinology, and Public Health. He has published 106 papers in reputed national and international journals and has also co-authored a book entitled “Basic Concepts in Immunology”. He has delivered numerous invited lectures at national and international conferences, including the UK, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, and Pakistan. He is currently on the Editorial Board of 27 journals from the UK, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, UAE, and Pakistan. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the South Asian Association of Physiologists (SAAP) Bulletin, Colombo, Sri Lanka and Chairman of the SAAP Research Subcommittee. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics, Windsor, Berkshire, UK. He is on the Peer-review Panel of 15 medical journals from India, UK, USA, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, China, Indonesia, and Nigeria. He is also a PhD Examiner of the University of Calcutta and Lincoln University College, Malaysia. He is associated with 42 organizations across the globe. Notably, he is the Vice President of the Physiological Society of India and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (London). He has received 16 awards for his research work from India, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

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